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80608570We are Administrators. We are not a law office nor do we practice law in any state. We are not a marketing firm nor do we market to the general public. We work with service providers and create relationships that are mutually beneficial and with business institutions who care about their members and employees. We negotiate great prices for services from providers who have a proven track record of excellent work and are willing to reduce their prices in order to serve the needs of those who might otherwise not be able to afford their services. The business institutions we work with care about their members and employees and are interested in providing services which will enhance their lives.

78253524We administer the relationships we have with service providers and business institutions and as members and employees of such business institutions work with us we ensure that service providers and business institutions are each appropriately compensated for work they perform. Service providers are compensated for the services they perform, business institutions are compensated for marketing and information gathering services they perform and we are compensated for organizing and administering such relationships.

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