We work with institutions which care about their members and employees and help them to connect with the wonderful service providers who are proven to be experts in their field and are willing to provide services at an affordable price.


The Wasatch Peaks Core Values are our personal beliefs that direct our member service, our communication, and our actions.

  • Community — Our service makes our culture more vibrant and our credit union stronger.
  • Excellence — Dedication to the member through Service Excellence.
  • Innovation — Continually seek innovative and creative ways to meet the needs of members.
  • Integrity — How we do business is as important as the business we do.
  • Trust — We adhere to high ethical and uncompromising standards in every aspect of our business.
  • Vision — Success is never final.

At Wasatch Peaks Credit Union, our mission is simply stated; yet, it is the root of all we do:

Exceeding expectations one member at a time.

This brief statement encompasses our purpose as an organization to serve our valued members based on our Core Values, our Service Mission and Service Promises, our culture, and our products and services.

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